Attention Seniors

VA Graduation 2020 - Friday, May 29th at 5:00pm
Apply Now For Scholarships! CALocalscholarships ends soon. If you receive a scholarship, please notify your Career Center.
2020 seniors who are applying to any of the Los Rios Community Colleges will be applying as a "NEW" student, even if you have been taking FLC classes on/off campus please do not use the Advanced Education Packet.  
Everything will be ONLINE for summer. You will  receive an invitation to sign-up for orientation once you have applied.  Watch your emails!
Yes, you can still apply for FAFSA! You have to apply and take 12 units or more in order to receive Promise Grant.  FLC will be providing a Financial Aid Zoom presentation.  You can always call the Financial Aid department if you had any recent changes to your family income..  
Summer classes will all be taught on-line! Los Rios Community College class schedule handbook will be available in April.
Watch for updates for fall registration timeline.  Coming soon!  Enrollment will be towards the end of May.  Meet with Mrs. Redkey.
All workshops at VA have been cancelled.  
Watch for a senior survey the end of April! 
Click on photo to order your cap n gown now!Cap and gown 2020

Colleges are emphasizing virtual tours and other online content as well as extending admissions deadlines.

Are you applying to 4 year college, 2 year college or trade school? To get updated information on "How the Coronavirus Affects College Admissions."   Check here!

Did you apply for FAFSA and income has changed recently, such as a job loss?  Contact the college you have chosen and speak with a professional in their Financial Aid Department.