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California Career Zone

Virtual Academy High School uses California Career Zone to assist students in researching and identifying
future college and career options. Click on the image above to create an account or log in and explore the
California Career Zone website.
A Powerpoint presentation and assignments will be given in April online through Zoom.  Zoom invite will be sent. 
Mrs. Vargas (Career Center) and Mr. Blake Walker (Guidance Counselor)

What is Career Exploration?   Click here!

1st Step Assess Yourself

Why? If you take the time to think about what you really want before spending time
and money on your education you will not only save on college costs, you will have
a better chance on finding the right college and career that fits you.

2nd Step - Identify interests, strengths, values, skills and personality  

Career Interests Codes


Reflect on: 

.  Taking high school classes relevant to your interests.

.  Explore by participating in the community, volunteer work, job shadowing and

   internships setup through VA's Career Center.

.  Conduct an informational interview with a professional.  Attend VA's Career Information Day in the spring.         To be announced!

3rd Step - Explore careers and education required.
4th Step - Take Action and Apply Yourself!
Employment Development Department
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Click on the logos below to learn about exploring.
Additional Career Websites
California Colleges - explore colleges, careers, and financial aid.
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 A magazine guide to exploring careers using online documents from
the U.S. Department of Labor
My Next Move
California Career Cafe
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The California Career Cafe is used by California Community Colleges.  Opened 24/7.


MyBestBets -  The education and career platform that works with you. Designed and
developed by Jobs for the Future and YouthBuild! Where should I go to school?  What career
path should I pursue? What is my best bet for a good future? Create a login account.

ASVAB - The ASVAB is a timed multi-aptitude test, which is given at either your

school site, or at the Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS nationwide) fall and

spring. You can opt out of the military. The Military Enlistment requires an ASVAB score

for entrance and job placement.  Check with your Career Center at your school of

residence for spring testing 2020.  To be scheduled in advance with Union Mine High School.


Job Shadows &  Internships (Virtual Academy's Career Center)
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One  of our basic structures of Virtual Academy High School learning is done through
Job Shadows & Internships. The Internship Coordinator works with students, parents
and staff to help determine internship options and resources.  The goal is to
create a positive, thriving learning experience by matching students with mentors that
have the potential for sparking, or expanding upon a student's interest and passion.
Students spend one to two days a week at an internship site during their school year.
Virtual Academy's Internship Program is counted as an "elective." You can do the same
internship or a different internship the next semester.  This is a great way to explore your
career interests throughout your school year! If you are interested in a job shadow
before committing to an internship please stop by the Career Center to fill-out a form and review the process.  
Intern students are encouraged to search for their own internship and getting assistance from VA's Career Center.  
All mentors must be fingerprinted! Students are also encouraged to search for their internship based
upon their career interest.  If you need help see Mrs. Vargas in the Career Center.  I will call the business
and set-up a meeting for all of us to meet.  Have a resume ready!
Jobs and Volunteering - Visit the Career Center for more job links and applications in the Career Center!
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Finding Your Way in the World of Volunteering
Click here.   Come by the Career Center for additional volunteer opportunities.  

Career Information Day Speakers - Click 2019 flyer! 

Spring 2020 Career Information Day will be announced in January 2020. Parents, if you are interested in
being a guest speaker, contact the Career Center, Mrs. Vargas, x7020
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Please call Virtual Academy if you are interested in sharing your career path and interested in
attending 2019 Career Information Day, or becoming a mentor for one of our intern students.
Call Mrs. Vargas at 530-622-6212, ext 7020.