Graduation Req & College Planning

Folsom Lake College class schedule is now available 10/27/20 for Spring 2021!

EDUHSD Graduation Requirements 


Please click on link for EDUHSD Graduation Requirements.  El Dorado Union High School District students must earn a minimum of 240 credits in grades 9-12 in order to graduate. 


Due to COVID-19 VA's graduation unit requirements  for 2021 remain 240 and 230 credits for graduating classes thereafter.  Refer to the EDUHSD Graduation Requirements link below 2020-21.  

EDUHSD Graduation Requirements


Virtual Academy Graduation Requirements (2020-21) changes due to COVID -19 meet with your Counselor for updates.  

VA High School A-G


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College Planning Resources

EDUHSD College Planning


FAQs Applying to Colleges

For additional questions regarding college applications EDUHSD has created a list for students and parents.  Click below.