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Core Classes Offered

Classes Offered
English 1
English 2 (Adv. Option)
English 3 (Adv. Option)
English 4
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Social Science
World History
US History
Government Economics
Foreign Language
Spanish 1-3 (Folsom Lake College Onsite Option)
French 1-2
German 1-2
Visual & Performing Arts
Music Appreciation
Art Appreciation
Folsom Lake College Onsite Option
Physical Education
Life Fitness 1
Life Fitness 2
ICT Foundations
1 Semester
1 Semester
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Elective Classes

Online Electives Options
  • Sociology
  • Reading/Writing Strategies
  • College & Career Planning
  • Music Appreciation
  • Art Appreciation
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Geography
  • Media Literacy
Virtual Academy Onsite Options
  • Leadership
  • Internship
  • Work Experience
  • Psychology
  • 20th Century History of Film
Concurrent Elective Options
  • All Home School Site Electives (depending on availability)
Folsom Lake College Options
  • Students may take FLC courses if they meet prerequisites.  See Virtual Academy office for more details.
  • HCD 310 - College Success - Offered on the Virtual Academy campus