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How and Why you should do an internship during high school!

Internship at Virtual Academy is an "elective."  How nice is that? If you want a chance to explore a career you've never considered or gain real-world experience in a career field you like, sign-up for fall or spring.  We are here to help students through their continued educational journey at VA High School where internships are offered all year! 
Each Internship site is carefully monitored by the Internship Coordinator.  Students who intentionally want to learn specific career goals while reflecting actively on what he or she is learning throughout their experience will benefit both academically and personally. High school students are increasingly finding that the real-world experience of an internship can offer a significant boost to their college and career success.  
Because an internship is defined as a learning experience, proper supervision of the intern is essential. Before you begin your internship all mentors must be fingerprinted!  It is recommended that students research companies and talk to companies where they would like to intern. It has been proven that students are more productive if they do the research. 
Your Internship Coordinator will contact  the company and meet with them to get a mentor fingerprinting.  Once their fingerprinting has cleared, your internship will begin. Ongoing supervision of the intern student is the key to the success of the internship.  The Mentor and the Internship Coordinator will oversee the student's intern work.  At the end of the internship Mentors are required to provide a student assessment to give to the Internship Coordinator. 
Interns will work with a mentor 5 hours per week on 12 consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, off on holidays.  Students who have successfully completed their internship will receive a certificate of completion from their Principal and Internship Coordinator at the end of the school year! 
If you are interested contact the Career Center and talk to your Principal.
Canvas - Internship assignments and time-sheets are turned in weekly into Canvas! Please log into canvas every week and monitor your assignments.

Google Fusion Table - To be updated fall 2019.   Companies who are fingerprinted to be mentors for Virtual Academy will be shared with all internship students. Over 80+ businesses. EDUHSD requires all mentors to be fingerprinted! You can add a company to the table that you want to intern with. Students are encouraged to talk to businesses to get an internship. A meeting will be scheduled with you, possible mentor and Internship Coordinator before starting.

Job Shadowing - Will be based upon student's career interests.  The Career Center will set-up job shadows for you and provide transportation. Ask for the Job Shadowing Worksheet!
Fundraising events for all VA students - Every year the Internship Coordinator has a fundraising event for all VA students to participate. For the past four years students and moms have participated in a fall fashion show, sponsored by White House Black Market, Lees Western Wear, Charming Charlie, Ambiance and students from Ponderosa High School Fashion & Design class. Saturday, December 1st!  Check out the flyer!
In addition, we have kept the tradition of the cake auction which will be held Saturday, March 23rd. Cake registration begins at 9:45am. Come join the fun!  Check out the flyer!
Mentor's luncheon will be held Monday, May 20th, 1:00-2:00.  All intern students are required to attend.  Invitations will be sent out in April.  
Do you want to know what intern students are saying about their internships?

My internship at the flower shop inspired me career-wise more than any classes or hobbies or anything of the sort.  It's a common bit of advice, but a lot of people will say that you won't know what you want to do until you go out there and try some things.  If I could do high school over, I would get involved with the internship program as soon as possible to try out more that one internship.   I did get hired at my internship.

 by Kayla Nagel

I encourage every student at the Virtual Academy to take advantage of this program because it is the bedrock of why this type of school can create such uniquely successful people.  The purpose behind public charter schools like this is to allow students to pursue their academics at a prominent level, while also providing the opportunity to experience life and career in order to prepare them more appropriately for post high school plans.
  by Bailey McBride currently pursuing her degree in biomedical.
My internship at Marshall Hospital was a great experience.  I built a good rapport with the staff and management, and was even invited to come back to work as an acute care assistant.  The internship taught me some specific skills that are done in hospitals such as taking vitals as well as many universal skills such as formality, professionalism, working as a team, handling and observing difficult situations, and customer service.  I always list this internship on my resumes and mention it in all of my job interviews now!
   by Catherine Mapagay currently pursuing her degree in medical or  communications.