Who We Are

Imagine traditional education as a teacher standing in front of 35 students.  If we all think back to our experience, that teacher is delivering a one size fits all lesson to the entire class at one speed.  No matter your strengths or weaknesses every student gets the same lesson at the same speed.
Now imagine a classroom where every student has a device.  The teacher has pre-loaded the days lesson on the computer.  When students come into class they are choosing to work by themselves or with others.  They are engaging the lesson at their pace, not the pace of the class.  The teacher is now free to roam the room and teach individuals as opposed to classes.  And much of the work is instantly graded by the computer so the teacher knows who needs remediation.  
By design the EDUHSD Virtual Academy is a blended, face-to-face public high school. Our school offers a comprehensive, individualized, and rigorous approach to high school education in a small school setting.
As a WASC accredited and California Certified Charter School, the EDUHSD Virtual Academy, is available to high school students both within El Dorado County, as well as the surrounding counties.

Students have the opportunity to complete district graduation requirements, with the enhancement of concurrent enrollment at the other district high schools or by completing college credit through the Advanced Education Option at Folsom Lake College.

A blended 4×4 schedule offers a mix of yearlong courses and courses that are completed in the traditional “semester” time frame.  Students attend subject specific classes.  This means when they go to Algebra it is only Algebra students and that is all they are working on in that class.  In this sense our school is very traditional.  

Students are provided with direct instruction and support for all major subject areas, including science labs, foreign language, visual and performing arts, and core subjects by highly qualified teachers. Teachers offer tutoring time during the school day.

Students are also encouraged to participate on the sports team of their choice at their home school site. Students can also take part in some of their normal school sites extracurricular activities and dances.